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Healing Harmonies: A Healing Guide Through Diverse Body Wellness Modalities

For the past 25 years, I have embarked on a transformational journey of self-discovery, energetic and spirtiual healing throught conscious bodywork. This type of consciousness healing benefits from using other healing modalities to assist with the overall healing process.

My experience with all types of body work has been to uncover aspects of myself that have been hidden, find alternative ways to heal and support my energetic and spiritual path. I've also sought to have understanding and acceptance with myself while deeping my relationships with Earth and God.

Along this path, I have traversed the diverse landscape of healing modalities designed to enhance and assist with healing both my energetic and spiritual bodies. Each modalty has provided the assistance my body has needed to heal and expand to a higher and great self. It would not of been possible to achieve my healing goals without the use of several healing modalities. I give my body what it wants and let go of the wheel in healing.

From the invigorating embrace of hot sauna cold water therapy to the delicate artistry of acupuncture, the path has been rich with exploration. In this article, I share the profound insights gained from my personal favorites—each a unique facet contributing to the mosaic of my spiritual evolution. Join me as we delve into the realms of detox cleanses, CrossFit-strength conditioning, acupressure, homeopathy, and the therapeutic symphony of sound healing, unraveling the optimal moments to embrace these modalities for a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit.

In the pursuit of healing and holistic well-being, individuals often seek modalities that cater to both energetic and spiritual dimensions. The modalities listed below possess unique attributes, contributing to a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit that I have had the pleasure of personally experiencing. Let’s explore the diverse world of wellness practices and discern when it’s best to embrace each one.

Conscious Body Energetic & Spiritual Wound Repair

Conscious Body Energetic & Spiritual Wound Repair has been a cornerstone in my quest for holistic healing. This transformative approach has acted as a gentle yet potent guide in removing unwanted patterns etched into the fabric of my being. It became a sacred space for healing deep-seated wounds from childhood traumas, unraveling the threads of family lineage that no longer served me, and dismantling blockages that caused energy fallouts within.

This intricate process has aligned my body with its purpose, creating a harmonious symphony where physical, energetic, and spiritual elements seamlessly converge. Through Conscious Body Energetic & Spiritual Wound Repair, I've unearthed a path to self-discovery, shedding layers that no longer resonate with my authentic self and opening up space for profound healing and alignment with my true purpose.

In this transformative journey, I find myself in the process of rediscovering my authentic core, liberated from the shackles of false beliefs, uninvited family patterns, and energies that do not align with my true self. It's a profound exploration of self-discovery, peeling away layers, structures and harmful intensions that obscured my genuine essence.

Now unburdened, I am forging a path to live a life intricately connected to both the earth and the divine. This process of shedding the inauthentic has become a revelation, paving the way for an empowered and genuine existence that resonates with the very essence of who I am meant to be.

Hot Sauna Cold Water Therapy

Stepping into the world of hot sauna and cold water therapy has been an absolute game-changer for my overall well-being. For the past 3 years, I have made this a part of my weekly routine. Picture this: the soothing heat of the wet sauna working its magic, melting away stress and tension, followed by the exhilarating plunge into cold water, an instant jolt of refreshment. It's like a personal wellness adventure! Beyond the immediate joy, I've felt the deep benefits – from detoxifying sweat sessions to reduced inflammation and a surprising mental clarity boost.

This experience is not just about physical rejuvenation; it's become a cherished ritual that leaves me feeling resilient, revitalized, and ready to take on the world. Plus, the added bonus of harmonizing my energetic body has truly elevated the holistic impact of this extraordinary journey. #SaunaHouse


Acupuncture has proven to be a profound revelation for my holistic well-being. I approach this modality with meticulous care, ensuring my schedule allows for unhurried reflection after each session, especially during deep healing processes.After my first session in 15 years, I had a few waves of anger come up that I was not expecting.The experience of reawakening consciousness in my physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies feels akin to capturing lightning in a bottle as the needle pierces my skin. It's an extraordinary and transformative encounter that goes beyond the physical realm, creating a harmonious balance within me. I have particually found this modality helpful with healing traumatic wounds and when it's time to bring the body back online.

From the very first session, I sensed a profound shift in my energetic and spiritual body. Acupuncture, with its delicate placement of needles along meridian points, seemed to tap into an unseen energy flow, reawakening dormant vitality within me. The experience went beyond the physical, offering a sense of balance and alignment that resonated deep within my soul.

The benefits extended seamlessly to my physical body, with acupuncture serving as a catalyst for healing. Chronic pains and tensions dissipated, replaced by a soothing sense of release. The approach of acupuncture not only targeted specific ailments but also addressed the root causes and helped light up other areas in need of energetic and spiritual wound repair.

Moreover, this ancient practice seemed to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, creating a harmonious synergy between my physical and spiritual selves. As acupuncture facilitated the unblocking of energy channels, it unleashed a cascade of benefits that transcended the confines of the treatment room.

In essence, my personal journey with acupuncture has been a profound exploration of self-discovery and healing. It's not just about needles and pressure points; it's about unlocking the innate potential for balance, rejuvenation, and spiritual reconnection within.


My encounter with Counterstrain proved to be a gentle yet highly effective touch in addressing areas of my body marked by the remnants of both physical and energetic traumas. This therapeutic approach provided a unique and tender healing experience, offering relief to regions that carried the weight of past injuries. The subtle and deliberate techniques employed in Counterstrain not only nurtured physical recovery but also extended a soothing balm to the energetic imprints left by previous traumas. It was a transformative journey where gentleness met efficacy, creating a profound impact on both my physical and energetic well-being

Detox Cleanse

For the past 30 years, detox journeying has been a profoundly personal adventure, guiding the revival of my physical, energetic, and spiritual well-being. I found Nutriclear Biotics to be a trusted companion in this odyssey, offering a simple yet powerful program that seamlessly fit into my daily life. Its gentle cleansing touch reached every facet of my being, creating a comprehensive rejuvenation.

In my pursuit of a holistic cleanse, I reached a point in my healing where I could feel my liver was stuck and in need an overhaul. KAMBO was my answer here. This transformative encounter acted as a cathartic release, clearing not only physical toxins but also stagnant energies, especially in my liver. The effects of this cleansing ritual resonated beyond the physical, unlocking blockages in my energetic and spiritual realms. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS unless you feel called to do this from the depth of your soul. I'm glad I did it, but have since kept my liver in regular health to avoid this extreme and effective measure.

Complementing this transformative journey, the use of Hape eye drops became a remarkable personal ritual. The potent blend worked wonders in clearing my eyes, serving as a visible marker of the internal purification occurring within me. The newfound clarity mirrored the removal of obstacles not just from my vision but from my energetic and spiritual pathways as well.

All of these personal detoxification journey's, guided by NutriClear Biotics, KAMBO, and Hape eye drops, unfolded as a unique symphony of renewal in my life. It spotlighted the intricate interconnectedness of my physical, energetic, and spiritual self, revealing the potential for profound healing through intentional and mindful detox practices. #NutriClear

CrossFit-Strength Conditioning

As someone who has been a lifelong enthusiast of various workouts—embracing aerobics, running, weights, biking, and more—the profound journey of healing both energetic and spiritual wounds took a toll on my physical body. Recognizing the need for my body to undergo a healing process and release unwanted energies and patterns, I periodically shifted to more relaxed routines, creating space for deep and effective healing. At pivotal junctures in this transformative journey, a noticeable yearning emerged within my muscles, signaling the necessity for recalibration. These moments served as a powerful cue for my body to integrate new levels of consciousness and energy, creating a harmonious synergy that reverberated throughout my entire being.

Cross-fit training and strength training with weights became a transformative path towards rebuilding not only my physical strength but also mending the wounds that had seeped into my energetic and spiritual realms. Acknowledging the physically demanding nature of the healing process, I recognized the necessity to rebuild my physical body concurrently with my overall healing.

The impact of previous energetic and spiritual challenges had manifested in my physical body, resulting in fatigue and a sense of imbalance. Cross-fit, with its dynamic and holistic approach, proved instrumental in addressing these issues. The intentional combination of cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, and functional movements not only strengthened my physical body but also catalyzed a profound healing process.

As I challenged my limits in the gym, I found a parallel empowerment in my energetic and spiritual self, each lift echoing a step towards wholeness. This authentic integration of physical, energetic, and spiritual healing through cross-fit training became a testament to the interconnected nature of our well-being and the potential for transformative growth through intentional, holistic practices.


Similar to acupuncture, acupressure stimulates specific points on the body, promoting energetic balance. acupressure healing has been an immensely powerful and transformative experience, particularly in releasing energies that had become lodged within me due to past childhood traumas.

The precision of acupressure points, gently pressed by skilled hands, seemed to unlock and disperse these stuck energies, creating a profound sense of release and relief. The therapeutic touch of acupressure not only addressed physical tension but delved into the depths of emotional and energetic blockages, untangling knots that had endured since childhood.

This healing modality became a compassionate guide, helping me navigate the intricacies of past traumas and facilitating a liberating release of energies that no longer served me. In essence, acupressure became a enjoyable treat in my journey towards emotional and energetic freedom, offering a powerful balm for energetic and spritual wounds that had lingered far too long.


Homeopathy has been an integral cornerstone in my healing journey for the past two decades, playing a vital role in nurturing both my energetic and physical well-being. The value of homeopathic remedies in assisting the body's innate healing abilities cannot be overstated.

Over the years, homeopathy has become a trusted ally, not just in addressing physical ailments but in releasing deep-seated traumas that act as barriers to holistic healing. The nuanced approach of homeopathy recognizes that true healing extends beyond the physical, delving into the realms of energy and spirit. By employing remedies tailored to my unique constitution, homeopathy has been instrumental in fostering a profound release of energetic blockages and facilitating spiritual healing. Its gentle yet potent nature aligns seamlessly with my holistic approach to well-being, marking homeopathy as a timeless companion on my transformative journey.

Sound Healing

I am very fortunate to have one of the best sound healing facilities in my home town of Asheville. In my integrative healing journey, sound healing, particularly through the use of Gong Baths and Acutonics, have been transformative forces in fostering energetic and spiritual well-being.

The body effortlessly absorbs sound, intuitively directing it towards areas in need of healing. The frequencies and vibrations of sound delicately initiate a sacred dance, gently guiding and shifting energies within the body. It's a profoundly sacred experience, where the resonance of sound becomes a therapeutic force, fostering a harmonious and healing journey.

The harmonious resonance of precisely tuned tuning forks, applied to specific acupressure points, created a symphony of healing vibrations that resonated deeply within me. This approach, known as Acutonics, acted as a powerful catalyst for releasing stagnant energies, promoting balance, and harmonizing the intricate dance between my physical, energetic, and spiritual selves.

The benefits of sound healing have extended beyond the immediate, encompassing enhanced relaxation, stress reduction, and an overall sense of inner harmony. Sound healing, in conjunction with Acutonics, has become an invaluable tool in my integrative healing toolkit, providing a unique and profound avenue for holistic well-being.


Cupping therapy proved to be a surprising yet highly effective approach in addressing stagnant and dead energy within my body. With cups strategically placed, the therapy created a vacuum, drawing out toxins and encouraging energy flow. Now, the unexpected humorous twist—initially, I was under the impression that cupping would be a soothing and pleasant experience. However, the reality was quite the opposite; it was unexpectedly intense and, dare I say, painful. The shock of the sensation elicited a momentary burst of laughter amidst the discomfort. Yet, beyond the initial surprise, the efficacy of cupping in releasing deeply entrenched energy blockages became undeniable.

As a survival strategy, I had unconsciously cut off energy to certain body parts, particularly my back, during challenging times. In my healing journey, it became evident that reviving these dormant areas was crucial for overall well-being. Cupping, with its unique ability to stimulate blood flow and rejuvenate tissues, played a pivotal role in this process. The discomfort, in this context, transformed into a symbol of release and renewal, underscoring the profound impact cupping had in reviving and reinvigorating areas of my body that had long been neglected.


From time to time, I use juicing to support my body's healing process and fostering energetic and spiritual well-being. The vibrant concoctions of fresh fruits and vegetables, carefully extracted and blended, served as a potent elixir for cleansing and revitalizing my entire system. The live enzymes, antioxidants, and essential nutrients present in the juices worked synergistically to purge toxins, replenish vital nutrients, and promote a holistic sense of wellness.

Beyond the physical benefits, the act of juicing became a ritual, a mindful practice that resonated with the deeper layers of my being. As each sip nourished my body, it concurrently contributed to a profound sense of clarity and balance, aligning with the overarching goal of holistic healing—both energetic and spiritual. Juicing, in its simplicity, emerged as a catalyst for renewal, offering a delicious and transformative pathway to support my body's innate capacity for healing and rejuvenation.

Moreover, juicing is known to reset the digestive system, offering a break from the constant influx of external stimuli. This break allows the body to redirect energy towards internal healing processes, fostering a sense of renewal on both the physical and energetic planes.

As I reflect on my journey through various healing modalities, it's become a deeply personal exploration, a mosaic of experiences that have touched every aspect of my being. From the gentle touch of acupuncture to the resonant vibrations of sound healing, the surprising intensity of cupping, and the revitalizing embrace of juicing—each has left an indelible mark on my path to holistic well-being. I share these moments with you not just as anecdotes but as an invitation to embrace the richness of diverse healing possibilities. May you find inspiration in your own unique journey, discovering the modalities that speak to your soul and guide you toward a profound sense of balance and healing. Thank you for sharing in the tapestry of my experiences, and may your exploration be as authentic and transformative as mine has been.


Michelle Fleckner

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