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Master Consciousness Practitioner * Author* Certified Herbalist* Event Speaker*  Instructor* Certified Professional Coach*

Established in 2003 by the visionary Michelle Fleckner, Blue Mountain Transformational Bodywork and Consciousness Coaching has been unwavering in its commitment to the realms of transformational energy and spirituality. Michelle, a certified coaching professional, specializes in guiding individuals through the most formidable energetic and spiritual challenges, with a profound focus on addressing traumatic experiences. Her unique approach seamlessly integrates transformative technologies to empower clients in achieving their spiritual and energetic aspirations.

Blue Mountain Healing Center offers remarkable assistance to individuals and businesses in search of mindful context, tools, and guidance for their journey of transformation, evolution, and alignment. Guiding toward the creation of a new reality that embraces truth, self-acceptance, and purpose fulfillment, I help clients eliminate falsehoods, bring forth their distinctive identity, and provide safe guidance through the transformative process.  If you would like to schedule a session, please get in touch today at 828-319-7643 or email me at



  • Conscious Systems

  • World Coach Institute Certified Professional Coach

  • Energy Medicine Practitioner

  • Global Relationship Centers Instructor

  • Body Talk Practitioner

  • Reiki Master Practitioner

  • Emotional EQ Instructor

  • Redirecting Corporate America Author & Instructor

  • Redirecting Children's Behavior Instructor

  • Emotional Intelligence Program Author & Instructor

  • Story Brand Process Certification

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About Michelle 

My Greatest Teachers Are From Spirit, Earth and Humans

Nestled in Asheville, North Carolina, I am consistently grateful for the privilege of residing amidst the captivating Blue Ridge Mountains. Three decades ago, I embarked on a journey into the intricate language of energy and spirituality, which threads through all realms of existence, animate and inert alike. Since then, I've seamlessly woven this profound insight and sagacity into every facet of my personal and spiritual voyage.


My life has been a tapestry woven with the vibrant threads of travel, transformative experiences, and remarkable encounters with individuals who have guided me toward evolving into a more compassionate and enlightened human being. I hold the belief that every encounter, be it joyous or challenging, offers a gateway to forging deeper connections with oneself, spirit, and the opportunity for healing. In these moments, essential truths emerge, nurturing my spiritual path.

Within my abode, a sanctuary is provided for both domestic and rescued animals, each harboring their own tales of resilience. Additionally, my dedication extends to caring for birds of prey—providing transportation, rehabilitation, and nurturing for residents unable to return to the wild.

Outside of my commitments, you'll find me alongside my cherished companions, immersing myself in Asheville's vibrant music scene, embarking on horseback journeys, savoring precious moments with dear friends, or relishing solitary moments amidst the myriad treasures offered by the Blue Ridge mountains.

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