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Bear Wisdom Unleashed: Decoding the Messages from the Wilderness

In recent years, my life has been increasingly graced by the majestic presence of black bears. Asheville, renowned for its bear population, has bestowed upon me the privilege of encountering these magnificent creatures during pivotal moments in my journey. Each bear sighting becomes a poignant marker, a symbol intertwined with the dynamic chapters of my life.

My most profound encounter with a black bear transpired during a camping excursion. As I nestled into my tent for the night, an unmistakable presence enveloped me, awakening a profound internal realm that served as my instinctual guide for the unfolding events. The bear's distinctive sniffing echoed in the stillness as it circled my tent.

In that moment, an unprecedented spiritual dimension unfurled within me, prompting a harmonious synchronization of my breath and a deliberate descent of my energy body. Rather than succumbing to fear, my fascination with the spiritual aspect of the encounter eclipsed the perceived threat. It became evident that the bear was bestowing upon me a unique gift—a revelation of dormant strength and power within.

Since that transformative experience, I've cherished the multitude of insights and lessons it bestowed upon me, forever altering my connection to nature and the profound wisdom it can impart.

Most of the photos used are from photographer Steve Atkins #FoxCovePhotography Steve is an amazing photographer with a keen eye for nature and especially bears.

I'm constantly fascinated by the mystique and power of bear totems. Whenever I encounter these beautiful creatures, I make sure to note down the spiritual messages they seem to bring into my life. It's a personal journey of discovery and wisdom. Here's my list of bear totems along with their meanings. I hope you find it useful in case you come across a bear.

The Roar

During an early morning stroll with a friend and our dogs, the unmistakable roar of a bear echoed through the air. I could feel the roar pierce through me as it echoed through the valley and the trees. It was a moment that aligned with my ongoing efforts to tap into a deeper aspect of my personal power, acknowledging the strength that resides within me.

I read that a "Roaring bear is an indication for a cryptic message from your subconscious. You are reluctantly moving into a new stage in your life. You are communicating a passionate message. This dream represents sudden awareness, insight and the ability to find your way in a situation. You are seeing and understanding things much more clearly." This was perfect timing for me to hear this as I have been indeed reluctant to move forward with aligning with my purpose needing the ability to find my way through.

Standing Bear

During a leisurely drive home, I opted for the scenic route along the Blue Ridge Parkway, hoping to soak in the breathtaking views and spot some wildlife. As I cruised down the familiar road, passing by houses and landscapes I've come to know well, my eyes were drawn to what I initially perceived as a bear statue near one particular house. This majestic bear stood elegantly against the backdrop of a beautiful pasture. In Asheville, there's a local artist known for crafting lifelike wooden bears, and I assumed this was another one of their masterpieces.

To my astonishment, as I slowed down to appreciate the artistry, the seemingly motionless bear suddenly blinked and turned its head toward me. I was left in disbelief—this bear was no sculpture; it was a living, breathing creature. A standing bear means to "Stand your ground or stand for what's rightfully yours". This was exactly what I needed reminding of as I was getting pushed around at work and also working on where I had been pushed out of my positions of power.

Bear Footprint

In front of my house, I spotted a notably large footprint that captured both my attention and the keen senses of my Great Pyrenees. I researched the Bear Paw print and found this messaging for the totem. It is believed to be a source of guidance and strength. Where Bear itself is a symbol of strength itself, Bear Paw symbolizes the ability to use that strength with direction and power.

Bear Family

Witnessing the community of family bears is a cherished experience for me. There's a specific tree along Ox Creek where, like clockwork, a bear family gathers each afternoon. They form a circle around the tree, engaging in various activities, from licking the ground for minerals to playful antics around the tree or even scaling the century-old stone fence that marks the property line.

For me, bears hold a profound symbolism—representing courage, strength, power, protection, curiosity, and trust. Beyond these attributes, a bear embodies spiritual power, harmony in nature, intuition, primal energy, and maternal love. This symbolism resonates deeply with my own journey. Growing up without a strong, supportive family, I've dedicated the past two decades to building a family of my own with my children, their father, and a supportive community of friends who embody these very traits.

Together, we've forged a bond that makes us stronger, smarter, and better harmonized. Like the family of bears at Ox Creek, our unity reflects the transformative power of creating a chosen family—one that encapsulates the virtues I find so profoundly represented in the majestic bears I'm privileged to observe.

The Respectful Bear

In moments of tranquil repose, the bears captivate me, their relaxed demeanor belying the undeniable potency they wield. Observing them, paws casually crossed, exuding both strength and a softened countenance, serves as a poignant reminder. It prompts me to embrace the idea of being expansive, expressing my own inherent power, while simultaneously maintaining a calm and confident exterior.

The image vividly captures the essence of this lesson—a bear, laying at ease, radiating a peaceful yet formidable presence. It resonates deeply with my personal journey of learning to sit in serenity without succumbing to vulnerability. This particular photograph, skillfully captured by Steve Atkins, has become a guiding image for me. It serves as a visual roadmap, encouraging the emanation of my inner power outward—a power characterized by tranquility, yet commanding respect.

Bear Moms & Cubs

Bears embody a profound sense of protection and nurturing, particularly when it comes to their bear cubs. A mother bear exhibits an unwavering commitment to safeguarding her young, even in the face of potential threats from male bears, who, in nature, may harm cubs that don't belong to them. Their love is fierce, their protection is resolute, and their courage is unmatched.

Having become a mother myself, I've come to understand the concept of being a "Mother Bear" intimately. Parenthood has gifted me a spectrum of experiences—moments of joy, sorrow, love, anger, and acceptance. It's been a journey punctuated by instances where I've had to assertively communicate to others not to meddle with my "cubs." As a spiritually conscious woman and mother, I've instilled in my boys the importance of honoring their true selves, even when societal norms might not comprehend their unique paths.

Society, at times, struggles to embrace the desire to forge an individual journey. Stepping into the role of protector has been necessary on several occasions, where I've encountered people imposing their beliefs on what a man or child should be. Their father, a strong individual who also charted his own course, has faced similar challenges, standing firm against societal expectations.

Much like the awakening that occurred when the bear circled my tent, becoming a parent stirred within me a profound sense of protection. It's crucial to be attuned to this instinct, especially in a world where external expectations can easily overwhelm. Managing and defending my children and loved ones when boundaries are crossed has become an integral aspect of my journey, guided by a deep awareness of the need to uphold and honor their individual paths.

Don't Poke The Bear

During a hike in the Pisgah Forest, I ventured onto a side trail that led deeper into the woods, and an unmistakable sensation made my hackles rise. In the literal sense, hackles refer to the hairs or feathers at the back of an animal's neck, the ones that bristle on a frightened cat or an enraged rooster. Slowing my pace, I became aware of a profound growl resonating through my body—I was in the presence of a bear. Although unseen, its communication was clear: advance cautiously.

This encounter became a valuable lesson, especially as I had just embarked on a new job, navigating unfamiliar terrain with personalities I had yet to fully understand. Similar to my encounter with the bear, it prompted me to pause and reflect on my approach to collaboration in achieving common goals. The year unfolded with encounters akin to that bear—individuals disinterested in collaboration, harboring anger, and resistant to change in their positions.

Recognizing that effective leadership, collaboration, and openness were essential, I understood that my path required a reevaluation. It's not my place to change people who are set in their ways and like the way things are. Much like the need to alter my course in the woods, it was time to seek a more conducive work environment where collaboration, adaptability, and shared goals were valued.

The Silent Powerful Bear

On a leisurely stroll through the woods with a friend and our dogs, basking in the warmth of a beautiful summer day, we were met with an awe-inspiring encounter. Suddenly, a colossal black bear, weighing in at around 400 pounds, emerged from the right side of the woods, a mere 30 feet ahead. With a nonchalant "how ya doing" glance over its shoulder, the bear swiftly ascended the mountainside, disappearing in a matter of seconds. What struck me even more was the minimal sound accompanying such a massive creature. It left me marveling at how something of that size could move with such stealth.

Bears, it seems, possess a substantial energetic field that leaves a notable impact. My Great Pyrenees, attuned to their presence, usually senses bears well before we spot them. However, on this occasion, the bear seemed to be in "Silence" mode, catching us all by surprise. This encounter enlightened me to the bears' ability to toggle their energetic field effects on and off at will.

Since that day, I've observed that, much like these majestic creatures, I too can hone the skill of quieting myself and my energy, slipping under the radar when needed—a valuable lesson in the art of mastering one's presence.

Beautiful & Powerful Bear

This bear serves as a poignant reminder that true power lies in allowing oneself to be seen as beautiful, not solely defined by actions but by the essence within. Often found basking under the comforting shade of a maple tree on Beaverdam Road, she unabashedly exercises her right to sit in quiet splendor, soaking in the surrounding scenery. Her graceful repose becomes a source of inspiration, a testament to the beauty inherent in simply being.

Her unapologetic embrace of this serene moment serves as a powerful affirmation. In choosing to sit beneath the maple tree, she not only declares her right to appreciate the view but also reaffirms the importance of honoring one's intrinsic beauty. It's a lesson well taken, a shared celebration of the unfiltered, authentic self—for her, for me, and for all who understand the profound strength that lies in embracing one's genuine essence.

Here are a few additional pictures from Steve Atkins. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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