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Wisdom of the Woods - Praying Mantis

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

While laboring in the barn, I experienced a profound moment when I sensed an unmistakable beckoning to turn around. To my astonishment, there stood a magnificent praying mantis. Intuitively, I could discern her gender – she was unmistakably female – and it was evident that she sought a connection with me.

Halting my bustling activities, I took a moment to engage with her, eager to uncover the lessons she might hold. As I turned to the side, her vigilant eyes tracked my every move.

This quiet interlude prompted introspection: I contemplated where in my life the need for stillness was most pronounced. The spiritual totem of the praying mantis centers around the significance of stillness. When these remarkable creatures make their presence known, they gently implore us to quiet the outer chaos and embark on an inner journey.

The arrival of the praying mantis spirit guide signifies the assurance of inner peace. In this silent encounter, she served as a gentle reminder, encouraging me to take my time and deliberate before taking action.

Amidst my relentless commitments to clients, family, animals, and my partner, I suddenly recognized a glaring absence in my life – a lack of self-care and self-connection. The pursuit of inner peace became a contemplative exercise, as I assessed the areas in need of transformative change.

As I gradually slowed down, the praying mantis drew nearer, her gaze unwavering. It was during this introspective journey through the archives of my existence that I unearthed a revelation: I had been exerting excessive force to manifest outcomes, neglecting the fundamental need for reciprocity in the relationships that define my life.

In my relentless pursuit of my own needs and objectives, I had inadvertently marginalized the contributions and desires of others. This disparity had engendered an unsettling imbalance, and upon closer inspection, I discerned the substantial stress I had been generating by shouldering the burden of trying to accomplish everything on my own.

For a full 20 minutes, I shared a tranquil space with her, marked by a shared stillness where neither of us stirred. During this peaceful interlude, I inhaled deeply, grounding myself with the Earth and reaching out to the realm of spirit. I took a moment to indulge in the simple pleasure of savoring the fragrance of nearby flowers.

The impact was immediate, as a transformative shift unfurled within me, illuminating a newfound perspective on myself and others. I could feel a serene presence enveloping me like a comforting, warm coat. In that moment, I extended my gratitude to Ms. Mantis for her gentle nudge and the gracious invitation to partake in stillness. Her visit served as a poignant reminder to journey within, where the wellspring of inner peace awaits.

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