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Wisdom of the Woods - Fire Salamander

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The Fire Salamander

On a walk in the woods, this fascinating creature jumped out in front of me and stood still in the middle of my path. Fire salamander's are rare to see and I was intrigued by his charm and beauty. I believe each animal presents themselves to communicate a message from spirit.

Salamanders message represents flowing motion, transformation, and sharp intuition. The salamander is also representative of a comprehensive list of symbols, such as emotion, renewal, awareness, and spirituality.

This totem was perfect to show up at this time in my life as I was undergoing a massive personal transformation of self, my views with relationship, my uses of power and my alignment with spirit. I sat with this information and examined where was I needing to be more fluid and utilize my intuition in my life? My work and my relationships were all undergoing a transformation and in need of understand my influence to draw closeness and my approach with managing conflicts. After careful review, I realized I was too heavy in my perspective and disposition and not allowing for inputs and balance in my relationships. I could see how my rigid approach was causing distance and unbalance.

I worked with this information and since then have been able to bring balance into my working and personal relationship. Thank you Mr. Fire Salamander for your assistance on my spiritual path.

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